We recently had the most musicians in the room yet. I believe there were 16 players plus a few of us engineers working the session. The music was a joyous explosion of hope with some darker existential themes woven in. Amazing musicians all.

Bryce, who has worked with Apples in Stereo, Phish, Sean Lennon, The Ramones…, walked in the room, heard one crack of the snare and said, “Great room”. Can’t ask for a better review!


David Roush Composer
Lee Meadvin Guitar
Tristan KastenKrause Bass
Sara Lin Yoder Soprano
Chelsea Feltman Soprano
Brendon Randall-Myers Guitar
Henry Vaughn Drums
Kirt Wiley Percussion
Felix Jarrar Piano
Jackie Traish Flute/Soprano
Megan Atchley Violin
Uran Kamfer Saxaphone
Marilu Donovan Harp
timleonardcello@gmail.com Cello
Jonathan Greene Clarinet

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