Best thing to happen to winter since spring. Artfarm Sauna.

We had almost a dozen people in here over new years. Special thanks to Peer who inspired and stuck around to mix 160 bags of cement.



Great things start small

Tracking demos for a new album by Max Kane. Excited about working with him and his brother Conor. Both siblings are multi-instrumentalists and play just about everything. I would describe the record, but we don’t know yet. The songs are great and both brothers have great voices so it will be a path of discovery. General direction, Chili Peppers meet Dave Matthews.


The Fretless at the Artfarm

The Fretless were here this summer working on the follow up to their Juno-winning 3rd album, “Bird’s Nest”. This next release will be a collection of mostly traditional Irish tunes recorded with 3 mics to tape. The sound is amazing.

While they were here they invited our neighbors over for a Friday night concert. Those lucky enough to be here not only heard the new material, they set list also included some classic Fretless tunes and a bunch of improvisation towards the end of the evening.

The Fretless